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Missing out Silver due to tarnish?

Are you missing out on wearing silver just because you are afraid it will tarnish, well sulphur is a very common element in the air and when it comes in contact with silver it forms a thin layer called silver sulfide which makes the metal look dull and discoloured.

In areas with high humidity the sulphur content is also very high, similarly in household products like perfumes and lotions the sulphur alcohol and chlorine are very high, these chemicals not only make silver look dull but also affect gold.

We are not able to see the difference in gold more easily because the metal is already yellow, the good news is that tarnish is not permanent damage like rusting.

Rusting is corrosion that cannot be reversed whereas tarnish is a thin layer on the silver metal, when cleaned properly the silver becomes as new and shiny again, we don’t mind maintaining and cleaning other day-to-day things but when it comes to jewelry it feels very daunting. In the upcoming videos, I will how to clean silver and gold at home and will also talk to you about a method jewelers use to prevent silver from tarnishing.

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