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NAFISA DESIGNS are Jewellery designers and Gemstone experts making Bespoke Custom Jewellery and Boutique Collections in Gold, Silver, and Authentic Natural Gemstones.
Says the founder:
People choose their careers. But in my case, I guess the career chose me.
Being an extremely careless, mischievous and a confused soul in my younger years, I didn't expect that after trying 15 different hobbies, I would finally find my calling in something that I had known the least. In something that demanded extreme precision and care. Something that needs so much responsibility and attention, that I could never imagine for my kind of restless inquisitive character. And now with time, I have evolved completely. The best I can say about this profession is that ‘The more I know you, the more there is to know about you.’

How, accidentally, I got into India’s best Gemstone and Jewellery institute for my mastery in Jewellery after my first baby was born, is a story that I would leave for another time!

The journey of NAFISA DESIGNS began in 2006 with a simple objective- to put out beautiful pieces of customized natural gemstone jewelry. Sprouting its origins from a small table in a home office, I began designing pieces that spoke volumes on the underrated beauty of gemstones. Soon enough, I’d filled up an entire notebook. But, that was just the beginning. Putting my gemology and jewelry designing degrees to good use, I decided to open up NAFISA DESIGNS very first boutique. Soon, we put up a platform online. A robust e-commerce online shopping Jewelry website
It hadn’t been long when I realized that gemstones were highly misunderstood jewels.  With a lot of fear, uncertainty, and vague information about them, it was no wonder that people were hesitant in dealing with these beauties. And it was then, that a decision was made. No matter what is being circulated, NAFISA DESIGNS will always provide the correct knowledge to the best of our abilities so that these natural wonders can benefit everyone. And so far, we’ve been keeping that promise- with only natural and pure gemstones studded in the highest quality of silver and gold. My designing style is modern, elegant, and chic. It is always extremely gratifying and humbling when customers come up and tell me that they’ve received wonderful compliments and attention because of their ND pieces and it makes them feel wonderful!
Our goal is simple- To empower people all over the world with the beauty and glory of natural gemstones and elevate their life and personality. 



I believe, of all material things, jewellery is probably the most lasting, celebrated, and memorable possession with an individual. It forms a long-term relationship. The stories and emotions connected to the piece influence in so many ways.


At NAFISA DESIGNS, we make jewellery as meaningful and special as possible. I share important jewellery and gemstone related information with people to help them make wise buying decisions and attain maximum comfort and benefit from their purchases. My passion attracted like-minded people in the company, and the brand grew at all levels.


Interesting fact:
The name of the company is not NAFISA DESIGNS because my name is Nafisa. It is NAFISA DESIGNS because the word ‘Nafisa’ means something precious, rare, and pure. Just like a Gemstone. NAFISA DESIGNS means lovely designs around gemstones and my job in the business is to make sure that it stays like that forever.
I have experienced the energies, positive vibes, and pride of wearing Authentic Gemstones. And now, I want to share the same with you.


With love,

Nafisa Idrees