Free Shipping Over £99

Orders from the website are usually shipped within a day or two of receiving and do not take longer than 10 business days to arrive. From the date of order placement, a customer is expected to receive their order within 2-10 business days. The minimum requirement for free shipping is orders worth 90 GBP (£90) or more. 
Custom-made pieces: Our custom-made bespoke pieces will take up to 6-9 weeks in the workshop and reach the customer no later than 9 weeks after the design has been approved for order confirmation. 
Pieces that are sent to us for services such as repairs, sizing, etc. take approximately 3-5 weeks to reach the client after we have received them.
Requests for the quality hallmark stamp on the pieces will require an additional week to be done before they are shipped.
For urgent orders or special requests, please contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Returns and Refunds:
To make a return, please contact our team either via email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +447878581702. In your message please include your name, date of purchase, invoice number, which pieces are to be returned and why you would like to return them. The team will then assist you with returning your purchase. 
For ready-made items: We accept returns up to three days after the order has been received. Refunds are only granted once we receive the jewellery piece back and have checked it for any damages. Orders cancelled or returned within two-weeks of arrival and which harbour no external damages, will be offered a full 100% refund, excluding shipping charges. 
For custom-made pieces: 50% of the total price are charged as an advance. If a piece is cancelled within 3 days of it being confirmed, 50% of the advance will be refunded. 
However, if the order is cancelled after 3 days of confirmation, none of the advance payment will be refunded.
The remaining 50% payment is expected to be paid before the completed order is shipped. We do not offer any returns or refunds after a custom order is shipped. 
We also offer services for issues such as sizing, fixing locks, etc. If any of our jewellery services are rendered and not satisfactory (for example, a ring that was requested to be made small by one size is still too big), then there is no refund available. However, we can further fix the issue. 
Please note, customers are responsible for giving us the correct sizes for all their orders.

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