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Is gemstone jewellery expensive? Factors that effect the price.


The price of gemstone jewelry depends on three factors.
1. The kind and quality of the gemstones.
2. The material in which it is made.
3. The brand or the company from which you are buying.

There are two kinds of gemstones precious and semi-precious.
1. Precious gemstones are difficult to mine and the cost of sourcing them is much higher therefore they are rare and costly like Ruby, Sapphire, and diamonds.
2. Semi Precious gemstones are abundant in the market and the price is much lesser although these are also real as they are quite precious because of their price and their easy availability.

The second factor which affects the price of the gemstone jewelry piece is the material in which it is made whether it is gold, silver accessories, or imitation, if it is gold and silver the price will be much higher compared to any other string material or something which is imitation.

The last factor is the brand or the company from which you are buying if the brand positioning of the company is really high then the cost of its products will be higher and the price value will be much higher compared to anything which is locally sourced or made by home artesian or local Artisian or local traders if you focused only on the gemstone they are wonderfully not expensive and you have over hundreds of variety to choose from.

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