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Grace Pendant - Black Agate

Grace Pendant - Black Agate

Sulaimani Akeek Bead Bracelet - Black & White


Why Bead Gemstones Bracelets are so popular? The most powerful and simple way to experience the benefits of some gemstones is to wear them as a bracelet placed directly on the wrist. The nerves at the wrist are the most sensitive acupuncture point of the body and have extremely powerful vibrations. This results in maximum energy transfer from the gemstone to the wearer.

The bracelets are made in elastic strings so that they press slightly against the wrist, thus increasing the rubbing effect on the body and enabling the sensation on the wrist to imbibe maximum energy. Hence, bead bracelets made of authentic gemstones are very popular all over the world, especially in the Far East. This bracelet is comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. They are made with very strong and durable fine fishnet elastic string. The beads are handpicked, checked for quality and bracelets are hand-made by NAFISA DESIGNS.

  • Feel fresh and energetic by wearing these bead bracelets in Sulaimani akeek with the blend of white and black colour which gives out its beautiful aura to the surrounding.
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Bead Size 8.5 mm
Jewellery Weight 17.72 Grams
Metal Type 925 Sterling Silver
Bracelet size Free Size
Gemstones Agate (Akeek)
Gender Ladies
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Agate (Akeek)
Agate (Akeek):

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